We as Citizens

Tune in for my candid and real conversation about servant leadership with Kristina Crowley on her show, We As Citizens

PODCAST: Our American Stories

Servant leadership is a way of living. Check out this episode to learn how to lead with love, the verb, in every area of your life.

PODCAST: Scale with Predictable Success

The best way to live is to learn While we can’t correct the mistakes we make, we can learn from them and become better versions of ourselves. In this session, I share: openly about the mistakes I made (and how I’ve worked to ameliorate them) my current Bible hero how to make hope an anchor practical steps to move forward in a positive way if you’ve made a mistake Listen to the episode

PODCAST: The DC Experiment (PartS I & II)

Applying principles of love in success and failure This is a 2-part series, we dive into leading with love from the board room to the family room.  Love is a verb, an action, and must be chosen. In times of success and failure, we must come together to lead as we’ve been taught by the ultimate servant-leader, Jesus. Listen to Part I Listen to Part II