It’s safe to say that the world feels crazy these days. So throughout this, the question remains, how do we maintain a healthy work culture right now? 


We Build Trust With Our Teams 


We need to be honest with our teams. People can smell something in the air when you’re being dishonest. No fronts, we must be authentic. Let them see who we really are. As we build trust, we’ll maintain a healthy culture. 


Show That We Care About Them Above Ourselves 


It’s the cycle of life. When we’re young we’re building, and as we build we have one person in mind, ourselves. This seems to last from your 20’s to your 40’s. We want to get noticed, we want to make money, and we want success. 


But as we get older and climb the ladder, we need to understand that not everything is about us. It is about others. That’s real leadership. 


We Must Be Patient 


Everyone is dealing with this virus differently. We’re all in different places, and we must have patience and compassion for others. Some of us haven’t been directly affected by the virus, but are still scared. While others have family members or friends, who are sick or dying with this virus. COVID is scary, we must show patience. 


Multiple Touch Points With People Throughout The Week 


In the remote world, we find ourselves living in, we can’t forget to check on others. Yes, there will be business calls but that shouldn’t be all. Check-in just for the sake of checking-in. Ask them how they’re feeling, make the call, and just listen. Ask them how they’re dealing with COVID. Make some of these calls 1 on 1. It will make all the difference in the world. 


Be Competent By Showing A Balance Between “Efficient” And The “Vision” 


In a crisis, these can be tough to balance. We become tone-deaf by focusing so much on the efficiency of today, that we don’t look to the future. The reverse can be said as well. We focus so much on tomorrow, that we aren’t even living today. Balance is an art. Be sensitive to it. 


In these trying times, what are some creative ways we can continue to make our employees feel seen and heard? 


Talk About The 5 Steps Of Grief


Discussion about the five steps of grief, developed by Elizabeth Kubler Ross and David Kessler, is a great way to get your colleagues to feel heard. The five steps of grief are as follows.


1. Denial 

2.. Anger

3. Bargaining 

4. Sadness

5. Acceptance 


Just by discussing these steps, even without specifics, we acknowledge that we are all indeed dealing with grief. As we discuss this, we can get to David Kessler’s sixth point, which he recently added, and that is HOPE.


Hope is a great addition. In these trying times, it is exactly what we need. Let’s be there for one another, and hope that this period is relatively short. HANG IN THERE, we’ve got this.