• How do you communicate a message of LOVE in a highly competitive, fast-paced, results-driven corporate world? Mark and Darren get the answer to this question…and many others…from Joel Manby, former CEO of SeaWorld who was also featured on an episode of ‘Undercover Boss.’ He shares lessons learned about customizing presentations, revealing failures and sharing a message of love. Applying his practical but powerful techniques will help any speaker to deliver an unforgettable presentation.

  • In the latest episode of the Be Worth* Following podcast, host Tim Spiker chats with CEO turned author, Joel Manby, about why loving is such a powerful leadership strategy. If talking about love in the workplace makes you uncomfortable, this episode is for you. Not only will you learn the seven aspects of leading with love, but you will be inspired by the data that **proves** leading with love is worth your time and energy.


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