Love Works:

Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders

Love Works provides the framework for successful leadership that results not only in deeply satisfying work life but also in a passionate and motivated workforce.
Love Works identifies the seven time-proven principles of agape love–love, the verb, that will:
  • Cultivate a culture that builds improved employee engagement and long-term success
  • Break down the natural walls within the workplace
  • Overcome personal failures at work and at home
  • Empower your managers and employees
  • Disarm difficulties in the workplace
Discover the truth fo the power of love to change the course of your business and your life today!

Endorsements for Love Works

Joel Manby’s compelling new book is a practical road map to compassion, yet accountable leadership in a troubled world that needs both. I have known Joel for many years and have watched him to lead with love and strive to serve with a caring heart at home, work, and church. It is a must read for anyone who leads anybody in the nonprofit or for-profit world.
Andy Stanley
If this book doesn’t help and inspire you to be a great leader, I don’t know what could. Love works and so does Joel Manby. He is everything this book represents and more. I feel privileged to know him and blessed to be able to work alongside him.
Dolly Parton
Entertainer and Herschend Family Entertainment Business Partner
So often we feel we have to choose between two desirable but apparently opposing objectives when leading organizations. Joel shows us how to be both loving and accountable; to be profitable and caring; to be effective and be giving. He has written Love Works as a businessman. But if government and some nonprofits would apply just a fraction of his message in their leadership too, they would be both more effective and happier places.
Bill Haslam
Governor of Tennessee
For every leader who has ever wondered what role, if any, compassion has in running a business successfully, Love Works provides an inspiring answer. Joel’s journey—the ups, the downs, and ultimately the lessons learned–is so compelling that I finished it in a single afternoon. It’s a must read for leaders who care.
Joe Kennedy
CEO, Pandora

Here are a few Amazon reviews for Love Works

Work for a Leader who has read this book
If you want to be the kind of leader that people really look to for guidance and have utmost respect for, this book will point you in clear and very practical ways to accomplish that. I've been recommending this book to every leader I can find, since I heard him interviewed by Hugh Hewitt and Andy Stanley and read the book myself. No one could regret buying this book-- there's just no possible way. Unless they enjoy being a jerk to their staff, I guess. Bravo, Mr. Manby!
T. Blakemore
The answer to how to do more and more with less and less
This is a lovely book. It would be truly corporate life-changing if more of us were invited to meet not just "do" objectives but also "be" objectives. As corporations, we are always being required to do more and more with less and less, yet we don't follow the very simple precepts that let us do precisely that. Joel Manby shows us how, and it actually goes back to Biblical prescriptions.
Kaye Shackford
One of the greatest books I have ever read on leadership
This is one of the very best books on leadership I have ever read. I have been studying leadership for 35 years now. I have read about our great founding fathers, men that have lead amazing companies, one of which was the 2nd largest retailer in the world. Now I am the President and CEO of my own company A Quiver Full Inc., and I would say that if you are a leader in business, government, church, sports team, school or even your family this should be one book you make sure you read in your lifetime. I would say the sooner you read it the sooner you would be blessed. It will change your life and the way you lead for the better.
Jeff Whitmire
A Quiver Full Inc
Encouragement on dealing with staff
Encourages a refreshing leadership style not often seen in a dog eat dog world!
A fresh, yet timeless, approach

Many of the leadership books seem to be repeating the same old principles we've heard for the last 20 years of the leadership craze. In Love Works, Joel takes a fresh, yet timeless, approach. It's the model that is critical to creating a company's competitive advantage-- a strong, healthy culture.

In today's hyper competitive world, having a strong, resilient, flexible culture is critical when responding to the rapid pace of competition, technology and market fluxes. The only real competitive advantage we hae is that healthy culture.

In today's hper competitive world, having a strong, resilient, flexible culture is critical when responding to the rapid pace of competition, technology and market fluxes. The only real competitive advantage we have is that healthy culture.

Joel lays down some helpful examples and action items to help every leader create and sustain that growth culture by living out a message of love.

Every leader should read Love Works.

Danita Bye
Millenials Matter