The Executive Circle

12 months of rich content in an Iron sharpens Iron environment


The Curriculum

12 months of valuable & timely content designed as a "mini MBA" in Servant Leadership.


 Month 1 Leadership Expectations: Defines what leadership is in a six part model.

 Month 2 Mission, Vision, & Strategy: Presents a pyramid model to build a well articulated mission, vision, values, and strategy.

 Month 3 C-Suite Metrics: Create a scorecard with specific metrics for key result areas.

 Month 4 Leading with Love: Defines Love, the verb, as a set of leadership principles to transform your culture.

 Month 5 Decision Making: Explores the best in class decision making processes and models.

 Month 6 5 Steps to Culture Transformation: Defines the 5 Steps to create a highly engaged, performance driven culture.

 Month 7 Work From Anywhere Best Practices: Explores 10 best practices for leading a work from anywhere culture. 

 Month 8 Creativity & Innovation: Investigates 7 best practices from top innovation companies and delivers a 5 step creative process.

 Month 9 Resolving Conflict: Explores best practices for resolving conflict and delivers a 5 step conflict resolution model.

 Month 10 Leadership Mistakes to Avoid: Examines 10 leadership mistakes to avoid.

 Month 11 C-Suite Expectations: Examines CEO time allocation and the corresponding implications for the CEO's team. 

 Month 12 Staying Healthy: Creates a life plan to stay physically, relationally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually healthy.


1 on 1 mentoring sessions with Joel: 


EC members' topics discussed are up to the executive and are based on needs, challenges and growth opportunities.  As an example, C-Suite leaders who have been mentored by Joel  have used their sessions to:


 Outline and revise vision, strategy, and objectives

 Define KPI’s and senior leader analysis to match their strategy and objectives

 Examine organization processes & decision making models

 Discover 5 proven steps to culture transformation

 Dissect the ‘Lead with Love’ principles

 Implement creativity and innovation

 Manage and resolve conflict and group dynamics

 Define and correct misalignment among key stakeholders

 Identify leadership pitfalls and mistakes to avoid

 Analyze key issues facing your business

 And, so much more!