When I was only 36 I was asked to be CEO of a major division of GM: Saab North America. Saab was bleeding cash and losing dealers. To construct the turn-around plan,  I listened closely to existing Saab leaders; but I also developed my own plan based on my experience at Saturn and feedback I learned by listening to Saab dealers.  We put a 5 point plan together and turned Saab around in less than 3 years. My advice to young leaders taking their first turn around role:  

“Listen to those who are in the midst of the difficult situation and learn what you can,
but also realize those who got you into the crisis are not likely to be the ones
who will get you out of the crisis.”

One thought on “What would I tell my 36 year old self?

  1. I was there. And you did a great job as Saab USA’s CEO–listening and learning from everyone–carefully formulating your response to each and every challenge.

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